Baby care products for the needy in Ghana

In cooperation with the German children’s charity Inter-NATIONAL CHILDREN Help (ICH e.V.), MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS has donated 22,000 bottles of sanosan pure + sensitive care lotion to needy people in Ghana. The local partner aid organisation TEERE distributed the products to four hospitals in the Upper East Region along with medical relief supplies on 26 December 2018, Boxing Day.The patients most likely to enjoy the benefits of the caring lotion were babies, mothers and pregnant women.

TEERE CEO Professor Avea Nsoh said that the sanosan baby lotion was an excellent product for babies and infants in his opinion and added that the lotions have a pleasant and soothing effect on sensitive and irritated skin in the harmattan season in particular when hazy conditions prevail with dry and dusty desert winds.

The donation was arranged through the ICH e.V. Ambassador to Ghana, Gerhard Lauth. The former Lord Mayor of Mosbach has been in contact with MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS for several years now. The company donated 19,000 care products and 5,000 cuddly toys to the children’s charity ICH e.V. back in 2015. The donation was then distributed to children in need through various charity organisations throughout Germany.

Ghana had been chosen as the destination for the sanosan care lotion from the outset, with the donation currently standing at more than one hundred boxes. Gerhard Lauth knows from his own experience how urgently such products are needed in the African country.
“The people are extremely grateful for this donation of products which they could never afford themselves,” said the Ghana expert. In an email to the person in charge of donations at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, Nora Trexler-Walde, Gerhard Lauth expressed his thanks for the help: “I too would like to thank you and your management on behalf of TEERE and Inter-NATIONAL CHILDREN Help. Thank you for thinking of us”.

The gratitude went far beyond words in Ghana itself where the people who received the donation were dancing for joy for an hour.