Girlsday at M&S
Girlsday at M&S


Girlsday at M&S

Girlsday 2024

On April 25, 2024, the MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS GROUP once again celebrated the strength, creativity and potential of young girls in the world of work on the occasion of the nationwide Girls' Day!

For one day, the 13 Girls' Day participants were given the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of a manufacturer of body and care products and learn more about professions that are traditionally dominated by men.

Women are still underrepresented in STEM professions (scientific, technical professions). Classic Girls' Day professions are therefore professions in which women are less likely to be found than men and the proportion of women is less than 40%. Some of these professions can also be found at the MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS GROUP as a manufacturing cosmetics company.

The aim of the Girls' Day initiative is a future in which young people's career and study choices are free from gender stereotypes.

We at the MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS GROUP also share this vision and want to show young women and girls new opportunities for the future. From the research and development laboratory to production and the apprentice workshop, the students were able to take a look behind the scenes of a cosmetics manufacturer and get to know women who work in these areas.

On Girls' Day, the schoolgirls were able to get a taste of the careers of computer scientist, chemical technician and chemical laboratory assistant and look over the shoulders of employees in these areas at work:

What does a chemical technician do?
A chemical technician is responsible for the production of chemical and cosmetic products. They monitor the machines and systems and are involved in the planning and control of the individual production steps. Chemical technicians are responsible for the incoming, process and final inspection of products and therefore also keep an eye on the quality of the products.

What does a chemical laboratory technician do?
Chemical laboratory assistants analyze raw materials and cosmetics and test products for chemical, physical and microbiological properties. They use various instruments, document results and pay attention to safety, health, quality and environmental protection.

What does a computer scientist do?
An IT specialist for system integration sets up and administers client-server infrastructures. IT specialists identify and rectify errors, support users and specialist departments, create system documentation, procure hardware and software and take care of installation.

What does an electronics technician do?
Electronics technicians for industrial engineering look after production, supply and operating systems, assist with troubleshooting and maintenance, carry out regular tests and help with conversions and the commissioning of new systems. An electronics technician monitors the safety and protective functions of the systems.

It is particularly pleasing to see that the M&S Cosmetics Group already has a strong female presence in these professions and that 80% of our Research & Development staff are women. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment in which every girl and every woman has the opportunity to develop their talents and realize their dreams.

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