MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS invests in new training facility

Five trainees are currently learning the necessary technical skills for their trade on an area measuring approximately 300 square metres at the Hüffenhardt site.

State-of-the-art Festo panels for electro-pneumatic circuits, special drilling, milling and grinding machines, and even a dedicated practice production line: every wish can be granted at the new training workshop for mechatronics engineers and machine/plant operators at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS.

The training workshop opened its doors in the summer of 2018 to welcome the current cohort of five technical trainees. “We want to offer our trainees the best possible foundation in the various professions as the demands are constantly increasing. Everything is getting bigger, faster and, above all, more technical,” said training manager Armin Bürner. With over 27 years of experience as a design engineer at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS, he knows what skills are important today. He and another training manager in the electrical engineering section mentor the trainees, watching them closely and assisting them as and when appropriate as they practise on the machines. “Practice makes perfect,” explained Armin Bürner. “It is often the case that trainees will need to make and test things for themselves before they understand the relevant concepts and make the necessary connections. This is where the new training facility is an enormous help.”

MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS will add two more trades to its training portfolio from 2020 onwards. Prospective “industrial mechanics” and “industrial electronics engineers” will then also have the pleasure of training in the new workshop in Hüffenhardt.

Further information on training at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS can be found at: Career