Energy Audit
Energy Audit


Energy Audit

Ambitious goals for the sake of the environment

Here at MANN & SCHRÖDER COSMETICS we require large amounts of energy for production and we never stop looking for potential ways of generating savings.

We set ourselves the ambitious goal of completing the 50001 energy audit in 2018. The standards of this audit go far beyond the legal requirements and render us liable to demonstrate a clean balance sheet in terms of our energy footprint and to define concrete reduction targets. We have started to fit the individual pieces of equipment with meters in order to obtain detailed information on how much energy is consumed by each unit.

It is possible to measure the electricity consumption of each individual boiler in this way. We also measure the water and steam consumption in a similar way. Individual meter readings enable consumption to be evaluated and trends identified.

Our quality management staff work closely with the building management team in order to meet the requirements laid down in the 50001 audit. Once all the consumption points have been fitted with meters, the relevant project team will define specific reduction targets. An independent institute will conduct the 50001 audit and subsequently check whether and how the reduction targets have been met.

In seeking to meet the requirements laid down in the 50001 standard, we are on the way to achieving high reductions in energy use. In the past, we used to follow recommendations from the 14001 audit which is a statutory requirement and takes place every three years. In signing up for the 50001 audit, we intend to build on our conservation ethos and boost our green credentials.